Quick Response for Plumbing & Heating Emergencies

by | Jan 20, 2015 | Heating in Truckee

Ever since the beginning of in-home plumbing and heating systems there’s been a need for emergency plumbing and heating repairs. Even during mild winters, being without heat and hot water can be a disaster in high sierra towns like Truckee, Squaw Valley, Incline Village and other towns around Lake Tahoe. In the case of a plumbing or heating emergency, we want you to have the peace of mind in knowing the pros at InMotion will have your systems up and running in the time it takes to say “Those guys at InMotion really know what they’re doing!” In this post we have a quick explanation of what to do when you’re in need of emergency repairs for plumbing or heating in Truckee, CA and surrounding areas.

Help! I Need Emergency Repair for Heating in Truckee, CA!

If your heating goes out during one of our High Sierra winters, it’s going to get cold fast. In this instance you want to get some professionals on the way as quick as you can. Call InMotion to race out and fix your Truckee heating. Fixing a heating system takes some inspection to diagnose the issue. Believe it or not, some heating systems have heat pumps that need to be restarted (like a computer). Even this seemingly simple practice of restarting the system can be complicated–ours pros will know if a restart is needed and how to go about it to get you back to warmth. Other issues include a thermostat that’s not calibrated correctly, a filter that’s clogged, or the blower is malfunctioning. Also, should you have radiant heating in your home and need emergency radiant heat repairs, our pros are experienced working with the numerous systems on the market today. Regardless of your heating problem, call InMotion and we’ll get to you as quickly as possible.

Help! I Need Emergency Plumbing Repairs in Truckee, CA!

Plumbing uh-ohs come in a variety of flavors: pipes could burst, pipes could freeze, valves can rust out, water heaters can overheat and just about anything can go awry with your plumbing system. If your plumbing emergency involves leaking, spraying or flooding water, the first step is to turn off your home’s main shut-off water valve. In an emergency everything is going to seem like it’s in fast-forward, so if you don’t know where this valve is located, look to the places where this valve is typically located–next to your water meter, in the garage or at the point in which the main water line comes into your house (maybe in a little green box in your backyard). The next step is to call InMotion. We’ll be to you as fast as we can to help diagnose the problem and get it fixed.

This post is for informational purposes only. Of course, in any emergency heating or plumbing situation, you need the help of experienced professionals to ensure safety and quality.