You take pride in making sure your home is properly maintained and managed. And as a resident of the High Sierras, chances are your home comfort systems are as unique as the home itself. So when you run into an issue, need maintenance, or installation, naturally, you’re worried about who you can trust. Your home comfort systems are anything but “run-of-the-mill” and you don’t want to take the risk of hiring a “run-of-the-mill” service company. Specialized systems need a team with specialized skills. That’s why, we’ve combined 30 years of experience with the 10 years we’ve spent serving the Truckee/Tahoe community to provide the specific expertise homes in this community need most. Whether you’re working with an oil-burning antique or the most modern home comfort technology on the market, with InMotion you’ll have peace-of-mind knowing you chose the specialists. 

We make the process simple: 

  1. Schedule Now – Complete the form, tell us what you need and we’ll get back as soon as possible. 
  2. Get a Plan – We’ll assess the situation and design a plan for repair, maintenance, or installation. 
  3. Get Back In Motion – Get all your systems up and running and have peace of mind knowing it was handled by the experts. 

So schedule service today. We’ll handle the project with ease so you can avoid risking it with the wrong service company and get your systems (and your schedule) back in motion. 


HVAC Experts



I was born and raised mostly in Southern California but became a local South Lake Tahoe resident in 1995, which is where I met my wife, Jade.

I graduated from my HVAC/R program in 2000 and spent 10 years in the industry learning everything I could about the ins and outs of HVAC and studying under some of the most skilled professionals in the area. It was in this time I learned how much I loved working with my hands and building systems. I also discovered that I had a special knack for the problem-solving aspect of my job and the thrill of getting something broken working again. It’s a great feeling being able to get heat and hot water in motion, especially in Truckee and Tahoe where winters are tough and there are limited options.

After years in the industry, Jade and I had a dream to build a family business where we could offer specialized services and also create something for our kids to be part of. So with one work truck and one technician, we took the leap and opened InMotion in 2010.

My role at InMotion is to oversee our projects, bids, and customer requests, I’m also available onsite to complete service calls and jump in on projects needing extra troubleshooting or advanced repair. I strive to keep up with the constant changes in the industry and so I put a lot of focus in making sure our team is able to not only provide skilled repair on older, outdated systems, but that we are in-the-know and able to provide installation, service, and repair on some of the most modern systems on the market.

When I’m not leading the team in the office, or packing up the service truck to head out on a call, I spend my time getting out for a little adventure. I have always been an adrenaline junky and grew up racing BMX which later lead to downhill mountain biking which lead to dirt bike racing. This may or may not have something to do with having broken over 20 bones (who can say?). Now, I’ve calmed it down (just a little) and spend the weekends with my family camping in the desert and taking the side-by-side UTV out for some epic trips. We love getting out for a good time, and with 6 kids…you better bet we’re no strangers to some crazy adventure.

HVAC Experts



I was born into a community of contractors and tradesmen. I had the honor of growing up under the mentorship of my grandfather (Papa) a contractor and entrepreneur who taught me the value of practical thinking mixed with a compassionate heart. It left me with a lasting imprint and a dream to follow in his footsteps as a business owner. After college, I spent my early career as an entrepreneur, running a successful accounting business and later working as a Controller for a large oil manufacturer.

In 2010, my husband Chad and I opened InMotion in Truckee, Ca and it was the fulfillment of a dream I had since I was a child to be a mom, and to own a family business with my husband. My main role is to manage the accounting, HR and marketing for the company.

What I love about what I do is working with people. I love that we provide a service that truly helps our clients and community and I feel so blessed to work alongside such an amazing team of people.  Providing an income for our employees is one thing but, providing a place where they want to work, where they feel valued and appreciated, that’s my ultimate motivation.

Working at InMotion with my husband, our son Tyler, and daughter-in-law Becky means I get a lot of time with family…but, we make sure we build some rich memories outside of work too. Our family is active in our church and love the outdoors. So, whenever we get a free weekend you can find us and our kids (the whole Bogan crew) out camping in the desert with our Can-am and traveling to see new places. When I’m not managing the business or the family, I love doing all I can to serve and support local and international non-profits.  

HVAC Experts



I’m from Reno and have been a Service Technician for a little over 2 years. My role at InMotion is to provide furnace, water heater, and fireplace repair and installation. I also service heat pumps and mini-split units. What I love about my job is helping our customers by repairing broken systems and explaining how their system works so they understand what happened and learn a little more about the type of system in their home. When I’m not rolling up my sleeves working to repair a problem or install a new system, I like visiting friends and spending time with my family.

HVAC Experts



I was born and raised in and around the Reno/Lake Tahoe area. The ongoing joke in our family is that I’ve been under houses since I was 5-years-old. So, if that’s any indicator, the mechanical trades are something I’ve been apart of my whole life. I’ve spent a lot of weekends and summer breaks going out on jobs happy to pass the tools and play “Jr. Journeyman” over the years. Naturally, I’ve been part of InMotion since day one but I’ve been officially attending to service calls for about three years. I spend most of my time  designing, installing, and troubleshooting hydronic and forced air heating and cooling systems. However, I also service hydronic systems, refrigeration, furnaces, heat pumps, and advanced heating and cooling controls. As I learn and grow, I plan to expand my role in the company. What I love about my job is being able to troubleshoot calls where there is no heat or hot water. When you can show up to a cold house, fix the issue, and leave with all systems running smoothly – it’s a great feeling. Outside of InMotion, I’m a bit of an adrenaline junky like my dad so I like riding street bikes and side-by-sides with my wife and family. 

HVAC Experts



I’m proud to be a Truckee native and so working for a local, family-owned in my hometown is the perfect match. I joined InMotion a little over a year ago with a background in scheduling for a radiology practice and transferred many of those same skills over to my new position. My role in the company is all about keeping things in motion behind the scenes. I answer calls, schedule appointments, coordinate day-to-day needs, and make sure all jobs and issues are properly managed with the team. What I love about my job is the puzzle-solving aspect. I like troubleshooting issues and finding scheduling solutions that help make sure the office runs smoothly. When I’m not keeping things in order at the office, I spend my time with my husband, our three daughters, and our 2 dogs. We love spending time at the lake, camping, and hitting the mountain trails with our rock crawler.

Why Choose InMotion MECHANICAL?

Serving California in: North Lake Tahoe, West Shore Tahoe and Truckee.

Serving Nevada in: Incline Village, Glenbrook, Stateline, Zephyr Cove, Reno and Carson City.

Without our valued clients, we couldn’t do what we love every day. This great community inspires us to exceed expectations and always put our clients first.

Here are a few other ways InMotion stands out as the best heating and cooling company in the Tahoe and Truckee area:

Satisfaction Guaranteed.

We value people over profit and are dedicated to delivering the best possible service every time. We will do everything in our power to provide the best possible service. Should something go awry, you can count on us to make it right.

Unbeatable Expertise.

Our team of certified technicians are all certified and thoroughly trained. We’ve prepared our people with the tools and skills to solve any heating or plumbing problem. Big or small, your project is in good hands.

Old-school Professionalism.

We believe in treating our clients and their homes with the utmost respect. You can count on our team to keep our word, provide detailed cleanup and dependable follow-through.

Our Unshakeable Values


We’re building a legacy for our children, where they can learn to care for others and develop the desire for integrity.


We always lead with care and concern for others. We treat everyone with respect and give back to support our community.


We choose to always act in alignment with our values and promises. We choose to be responsible and do the right thing.