Heating & Cooling Controls
Heating & Cooling Controls
Heating & Cooling Controls
Heating & Cooling Controls
Heating & Cooling Controls
Heating & Cooling Controls

If your home has a boiler system as its primary heat source, you need trusted professionals who know and understand this type of system. At InMotion, boilers are second nature. After serving the Lake Tahoe and Truckee communities for over 20 years, our certified boiler technicians have gained the trust–and repeat business–of home and business owners all throughout the Truckee and Tahoe area.

Advanced Heating & Cooling Controls In Lake Tahoe And Truckee

The future is here and now it’s at home! Advanced heating and cooling controls are helping people throughout the Lake Tahoe and Truckee area control their home systems with custom precision. Now you don’t have to be standing in front of your thermostat to control your temperature. If there is an emergency, you can turn off your water to prevent flooding and even monitor your water usage from halfway across the world. With advanced heating and cooling controls, you have ultimate control of your home’s temperature and energy usage from the convenience of your phone or tablet. With features like evening and vacation mode, you can be sure that your system is set right where you need it at all times. The most surprising news about advanced heating and cooling controls is that it’s actually less complicated and more affordable than you think.

Heating & Cooling Controls

Remote Temperature Control With Wifi-thermostats:

  • Control and monitor temperature remotely
  • Receive low-temperature alerts to avoid risk of freezing
  • Get notified of power outages and indoor low temperature alerts via email

Remote Water Control With Automatic Shut-off Values:

  • Control and monitor water usage
  • Receive warnings and alerts to avoid risk of flooding and water damage to your home
  • Automatic water shut-off in case of an emergency

Advanced heating and cooling controls are a great solution for any home owner. The automation and easy-access also makes it a great match for second homeowners and for monitoring your home when you travel. Our team will hep you create and set-up your account to make the process a breeze. With the pros at InMotion on your side, keeping your home in sync and introducing your home to the future is easier than ever!

Seamless Integration With Alexa & Ios Smart Home Systems

Install wifi thermostats and remote water controls that easily integrate with your existing smart home system, including:

  • Apple Home Kit
  • Alexa
  • Nest
  • Several front-running smart home systems

Use your existing home monitoring and wifi access to also access and manage your home controls.

Master Home And Away Systems

Simplify your home controls with a master home and away system. If your home has more than 3 thermostats, installing a master thermostat allows you to control your home comfort system from one access point and in any place you have wifi. Ask for more information about how we can help streamline your home systems.

Advanced Smart Heating and Cooling Controls FAQs

What are advanced smart heating and cooling controls?

These are systems that allow you to control and monitor your home’s temperature using smart devices. They provide convenience, energy efficiency, and greater control over your home’s climate. Vaction home owners love that they are able to control temperatiures remotely.

What benefits can I expect from installing smart controls for my heating and cooling system?

Benefits include remote access to your system, increased energy efficiency, cost savings on energy bills, and improved comfort. Some systems (most notably Nest systems) also learn your routines and adjust settings for optimal comfort and efficiency. If you’re a “local” rather than vacation home owner, this can be a key benefit.

What are some common issues that might require repair of my smart control system?

Common issues include problems with Wi-Fi connectivity, incorrect temperature readings, difficulty with system integration, or the system not responding to commands.

How often should I have my smart control system serviced?

You should have your system checked if you notice any irregularities or at least once a year during regular HVAC maintenance.

Can I perform repairs on my smart control system myself?

While some minor troubleshooting, like rebooting the system or checking Wi-Fi connections, can be done by homeowners, we recommend having repairs performed by certified professionals to ensure safety and preserve your warranty.

How does the high altitude of Lake Tahoe affect my smart control system's performance?

While the altitude doesn’t directly affect the smart controls, it can affect your HVAC system’s efficiency. Your smart control system can help optimize your HVAC’s performance by adjusting temperature, humidity, and occupancy settings.

What can I do to maintain my smart control system and prevent the need for repairs?

Regular software updates, ensuring a stable Wi-Fi connection, and performing basic troubleshooting as the system’s user manual suggests can help maintain its performance.

What is included in your smart control system repair service?

Our services include diagnosing the issue, making necessary repairs or adjustments, ensuring the system is functioning properly after the repair, and offering guidance on using and maintaining your smart control system.

Can my existing heating and cooling system be upgraded with smart controls?

Most modern HVAC systems can be upgraded with smart controls. The compatibility would depend on the specifics of your current system.

What brands of smart controls do you install and service?

We install and service a variety of brands, primarily Honeywell and Tekmar. Please contact us with your specific model for more information.
Heating & Cooling Controls