Radiant Heat

InMotion is the leading radiant heating specialist in Truckee, Lake Tahoe and everywhere in between. Radiant heating uses new technology to be more efficient and cost-effective than traditional heating systems. Radiant heating works differently, and we do too. We know the various systems and enjoying working on them so they perform flawlessly.

Just hours without heat during the frigid winters of the High Sierra can be miserable and uncomfortable for you, your family and your guests, so why risk it? We’re radiant heating pros, and we’ll be there for you from regular repairs to emergency service wherever and whenever we’re needed.

Snowmelt Radiant:
In the High Sierra, we’re lucky to experience four very real seasons … and this means we can expect snow, and quite a bit of it, for at least a couple months each year. Snow and ice, even in moderate temperatures, can be an unsafe nuisance for you and your family. At InMotion Heating & Plumbing, we are experienced with radiant snowmelt systems for your sidewalks, driveways and patio areas. Even in the bitter cold, we’re ready to service and repair your radiant snowmelt system. InMotion can even help with the install of your radiant snowmelt system.

Solar Heat & Hot Water Systems

At InMotion Heating & Plumping we are always proud to have a hand in the world of renewable energy. The need for solar powered heating and water systems is more important today than ever before as oil and gas resources continue to disappear. Our team of knowledgeable professionals is available 24 hours each day, year-round to perform emergency repairs or routine maintenance on your solar heating and hot water system. By investing in solar power, you’re doing something for the planet, so let us do something for you.


General HVAC

The years of experience and number of certifications held by InMotion service pros is above and beyond what’s common in our field (and we’re proud of that). We require such a high level of certification and experience so you can be confident from the very moment you call us for maintenance or repair for your heating, cooling and plumbing systems. From troubleshooting your HVAC system to performing routine maintenance to ensure it continues working perfectly, the skilled technicians at InMotion are available to complete the job and make recommendations to help your systems continue to run smoothly.

General Plumbing

When it happens, nothing throws a wrench in your plans like an issue with your home’s plumbing system. From general plumbing hiccups to major maintenance and repairs, the service pros at InMotion are always available to help when you’re in a pinch. Routine maintenance helps keep general plumbing complications from springing up, but in the event that they do, our service pros are on-call 24 hours each and every day to ensure that your plumbing gets back to proper working order immediately.

Manometer Testing

InMotion Heating & Plumbing also offers services in a variety of other areas, such as manometer testing. Required by certain counties, manometer testing is an important safety measure when performing maintenance on your gas lines, gas appliances and overall gas systems. Even if your county doesn’t require this test, it’s strongly recommended when changing a gas line, replacing a gas line or doing a gas-appliance changeout. When there’s a leak in your gas line, you and those around you are at risk … a risk that can extend into your community. Ensure that your gas lines and appliances are performing safely with manometer testing from the pros at InMotion.