Heat Pumps Systems

Heat pumps are a great alternative to traditional furnaces and air conditioners. Heat pumps work by using refrigeration with electric compressors to move heating and cooling. Because they transfer heat, instead of generating heat, they can provide quick and efficient temperature control for less than half the cost of conventional appliances.

Heat pumps are popular in the Truckee and Lake Tahoe area because of their efficiency and energy-saving features. Heat pumps don’t burn fuel and so they are a great fit for owners looking to lower their carbon footprint. However, because they are less common, not every heating and cooling company can install, repair, or service them. Schedule service with our team and we’ll make sure it’s handled properly.

Heat Pumps Systems


When your heat pump system isn’t running efficiently it can create poor air quality, high energy bills, inconsistent temperature control, and lack of airflow. If you notice your system sounds like it’s struggling or any of the symptoms we just listed, get scheduled right away for repair or replacement. We’ll review the issues, get a thorough assessment, and get your system working properly so you aren’t left out in the cold.


If you’re building a new home or need to replace the current heating system in your home, a heat pump could be a great way to lower your energy bills and your carbon footprint. However, depending on your location, the way your home is built, and your current system, you’ll want expert insight as to whether a heat pump system is the best option. Get in touch with our heat pump experts at InMotion Mechanical and we can give you the rundown on everything you need to know. If you decide on a heat pump system, we’ll provide comprehensive planning and expert installation so you will have peace-of-mind knowing it was installed properly.