Lower Your Heating Bill: Expert Tips from InMotion

by | Jan 27, 2015 | Heating in Truckee

January gave Truckee, Northern Nevada and all the High Sierra some of the warmest, sunniest days we’ve ever felt that time of year. While January wasn’t blisteringly chilly, we know this area far too well to think we’re out of the cold just yet. February is setting in and with it will surely come some colder temperatures. So, in this post, we wanted to point out a few easy heating tips to help you save money on the last few winter heating bills of the year.

  1. Think SMART. Do you have a “smart thermostat” installed in your home? These modern gadgets help you be more efficient without always hovering over your thermostat and checking in. The pros at InMotion Heating in Truckee can certainly help you choose a smart thermostat, but if you’re shopping around on your own, look for one that boasts “proximity control,” which is a fancy way of saying your thermostat will be able to tell if you’re away from home and adjust the home’s temperature accordingly, saving you money on wasted heating.
  2. Get Clean. Heat systems work better if they are allowed to run freely, meaning there’s no buildup, dust or other inhibitors. Whether you have a radiant heating system or a traditional blower system, you’re better positioned for lower heating bills if you have a licensed heating professional perform basic maintenance and give your system a thorough cleaning to ensure the system is running efficiently (and saving you $$).
  3. Get the Temperature Right. What do you keep your heating at currently? Is there a way to still be comfortable and lower the temperature to between 66 and 68 while you’re home and active during the day? If so, then think about lowering the temperature further when you’re away from the home or when your bundled up in your covers sleeping for the night.

While our winter has been more like spring around Truckee, we know we’re still in for some cold days. Use these tips from InMotion Heating in Truckee to keep the bills lower for the final few chilly months of the year.