At InMotion, we’ve seen (and repaired) a lot of boilers in our time. So, trust us, we know they can sometimes be a little stubborn. Whether it’s a leaking boiler or one that won’t heat when you ask it to, the pros at InMotion know how to get your boiler up and running (and stay up and running).

Truckee Boiler Repair and Maintenance

We prefer a proactive approach when it comes to boilers and recommend having us out annually to perform routine boiler maintenance. In these visits, which can be scheduled well ahead of time, we’ll run a series of checks and clean out the various components that could have some serious buildup from the previous winter. Homes ask boilers to do a lot every winter, especially in Truckee and other cold areas in the High Sierra. Therefore, we recommend giving them some attention and help them remain at their best through annual maintenance. To schedule boiler maintenance in Truckee (or elsewhere), please call InMotion today.

Boiler repair in Truckee

Heat Exchanger on a Boiler in Truckee After Boiler Maintenance

Truckee Boiler repair

Heat Exchanger on a Boiler in Truckee Before Boiler Maintenance

Help, I Need Truckee Boiler Repair!

When you call us out for a boiler repair in Truckee (or surrounding areas), the first step is to diagnose the problem. Do we have a leak? Is it a case of noisy pipes? Is the boiler refusing to turn on? When we arrive, we’ll first aim to get to the bottom of the issues your boiler is currently going through. A brand new boiler should have little to no issues in the first few years of operation. But, as your boiler ages, more technical difficulties are common. While some of these difficulties will not be clearly evident, some will leave you in the cold and force you to call for help. Over time, the efficiency of your boiler is likely to lessen (something that can be prolonged, however, with routine boiler maintenance). InMotion is experienced working with all types of boilers, including oil-fired and gas-fired boilers. For emergency Truckee boiler repair (and not-so-emergency repair), call InMotion; our friendly, honest and straight-forward pros will get you up and running in no time.

Boiler Replacement in Truckee

Should we find that your boiler is completely outdated and won’t survive another season, we’ll get a new one ordered and installed for you. Sometimes called a boiler changeout, this is a common practice once we find an existing boiler is no longer efficient and will only continue to cause you problems and headaches. We’ve done countless boiler changeouts in Truckee and beyond … and we’re ready to complete one for you. We’re just a phone call away.