Radiant Heating Services in Truckee: The Radiant Way

by | Feb 3, 2015 | Heating in Truckee, Radiant Heating in Truckee

Modern radiant heating systems are becoming more and more popular because of their efficiency and convenience. New homes are being built with radiant heating systems and older homes are being renovated to incorporate the new technology. These modern radiant heating systems require annual service and cleaning to ensure they continue to run at a high level of efficiency. When it comes to radiant heating system maintenance, repair and service, the pro team at InMotion is licensed, experienced and ready to be to your Truckee home in a flash.

Radiant Heating in Truckee, CA

Radiant heat systems are more intricate than traditional “blower” systems that force hot air through vents. Radiant heat systems include a series of pipes that typically run through the floors (and walls) of a home. The pipes transfer hot water through different rooms to maintain warm temperatures. Some radiant heat systems involve multiple thermostats that can be individually set for different temperatures in different rooms. In Truckee, CA it’s also common for radiant heat systems to run pipes through the concrete in garages and driveways, which helps with snowmelt.

Radiant heat systems typically have a main control panel where the boiler is located. This is the main “hub” of the system. Understanding the inner workings of the system helps our pros diagnose any issues and perform regular maintenance to keep them performing at their highest.

For help with radiant heating in Truckee, CA, call InMotion for all of your service, repair and maintenance needs. We’re well versed in all the main radiant heating systems and will help you stay warm throughout the year.