Plumbers in Lake Tahoe and Truckee

When it happens, nothing throws a wrench in your plans like an issue with your home’s plumbing system. From general plumbing hiccups to major maintenance and repairs, the service pros at InMotion are here to help when you’re in a pinch. Routine maintenance helps keep general plumbing complications from springing up, but in the event that they do, our service pros are here to ensure that your plumbing gets back to proper working order immediately.

With complete knowledge of the construction of both older and new homes, InMotion is here to help solve problems quickly and improve your system for the long-term. If you are facing problems with your plumbing system it’s important to have the problem addresses right away as small issues can become big quickly. 

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The experts at InMotion have provided Lake Tahoe, Truckee and surrounding areas with top-level plumbing services for more than two decades. Serving homeowners and property managers alike, we’ve assembled a team of specialists prepared to make repairs to small- and large-scale plumbing problems with ease. From leaking faucets to frozen pipes and water heater repair, InMotion is the leading choice for expert plumbing repair and installation. 


Businesses and families throughout the Lake Tahoe and Truckee areas have depended on InMotion Heating and Plumbing for years to help repair all types of plumbing headaches, including:

  • Tankless Water Heaters 
  • Water heater repair
  • Water heater replacement & maintenance
  • Emergency heating repairs
  • Shower Installation
  • Leaking Faucet
  • Faucet Repair
  • Faucet Installation 
  • Toilet Repair 
  • Toilet Installation 
  • Water Lines to Refrigerators and Ice Makers 
  • Tubing Replacement 
  • Natural Gas Lines
  • Propane Lines 
  • Gas Fireplaces 
  • Gas Outdoor Fire Pits
  • Gas Barbecues 
  • Gas Appliances 

InMotion does not assist in sewer services or drain cleaning. 

Schedule Your Service Today

Whether you’re looking for repair, installation or maintenance we’re confident our team will provide expert care and top-notch service. Join the many longtime clients and neighbors in turning to InMotion for your plumbing needs. Call  530-210-2275 or schedule plumbing installation and repair online .



We specialize in a wide range of plumbing services including: 


Water heaters are one of those out-of-sight, out-of-mind home systems that most Lake Tahoe and Truckee homeowners don’t think about until they have to. But, like all appliances, water heaters have limited shelf lives. If you’re experiencing issues with your water heater or need repairs on your water heating system, our heating and plumbing experts are just a call away. 


Tankless water heaters use wall-mounted heating elements to warm your water while it’s en route to your faucet providing unlimited hot water, on demand. Tankless water heaters do not have the standby energy losses associated with storage water heaters, which can save you money. If you have a tankless system or you are interested in learning more, let’s talk.


If you are facing issues with leaks, low water pressure or even a screeching sound when you turn on your faucet it’s important that you address the issue right away. Leaking faucets and other malfunctions can be an indicator of bigger issues or quickly become more involved as time goes on.


Toilet issues can be frustrating and unsanitary. If your toilet is running, making odd noises or just not functioning properly we can address the problem quickly and repair it with ease. Give us a call and get scheduled today.


Ignoring a broken garbage disposal may lead to costly problems down the road. Garbage disposals are commonly disrupted by things like grime, fat, grease, oil, minerals and objects that cause them to clog. In extreme cases, this can cause water to back up, leading to water damage and exposing your family to harmful bacteria. Let us get in, clear the problem and get your garbage disposal working in short order.  

Refrigerator Lines / Ice makers

Water lines to your refrigerator or ice maker require precise installation to make sure they run properly and don’t leak. If you just recently purchased a new refrigerator or ice maker, let us take the headache out of set up.

Gas Fireplaces

Gas fireplaces are a popular choice and beautiful addition to any home. When you need installation, service, or repair of a gas fireplace – it’s important to find the right team. With InMotion’s combination of heating and plumbing experience we have the exact configuration of skills to make sure the job it done with precision.

Water Line Replacement

Water service line repair and replacement can be a very costly surprise for an unsuspecting homeowner or commercial building manager. If you are in need of water pipe installation or repair you’ll need an experienced team capable of obtaining the necessary authorizations and who are aware of the safety precautions. Give the pros at InMotion a call and relax knowing your are in experienced hands. 

FloLogic Valves

Even small leaks can cause major damage if undetected. Standard leak-detecting valves can detect small leaks, but FloLogic’s EverWatch™ flow-sensing valve is a technology that continuously catches leaks as little as a 1/2 ounce-per-minute. FloLogic monitors in real time, 24/7, with a flow sensor that is more sensitive than most water meters. These valves can be tied into your home security system and allow you to receive immediate notifications of any leaks. 

Old-School Professionalism. Unbeatable Expertise.

The years of experience and number of certifications held by InMotion service pros is above and beyond what’s common in our field. We require such education and experience so you can be confident from the moment you call us for maintenance or repair for your heating, cooling or plumbing systems.

Led by Chad Bogan, a heating and plumbing expert with more than 20 years of industry experience, we’ve worked hard on building a reputation by offering quality and professionalism to every client, every job, every time. From troubleshooting complex heat systems to repairing plumbing troubles to changing out entire boiler systems, we pride ourselves on offering up our expertise to repair some of the most difficult and puzzling problems.

Why It’s Time to Get InMotion


If your home has a boiler or heat pump system as its primary heat source, you need trusted professionals who know and understand this type of system. At InMotion, heat pumps and boilers are second nature. We’ve been working with them for decades—and we have yet to encounter a problem we couldn’t fix. In addition to quality repairs, we also provide efficient installation.


Because we have the experience and know-how to troubleshoot the toughest problems, we’ve grown to become one of the area’s most-recommended heating and plumbing service providers. With over a decade of experience servicing systems in the Truckee/Tahoe area, we’ve likely encountered your exact issue in the past and are ready to jump in and take care of business.


We do our part to work efficiently, making repairs timely whether they are scheduled in advance or spring up in the middle of an emergency. With varied and extensive experience in the heating and plumbing industry, our team has the knowledge necessary to roll up our sleeves and fix your systems competently every time you trust us with the job.

"I appreciate the extra time and effort Chad spent to repair of our radiant heating system after typical work hours. He also found other repair or replacement issues with system that will give it a longer life and help it to be more efficient. Natalie coordinates repair timing and is very helpful as well. Excellent service overall."


Truckee, CA

High Regard in the High Sierras

"InMotion Heating & Plumbing came out recently to look at a heater that wasn't firing up. It was my first time using their service and it went pretty well. I would call them again. They were prompt, came out quickly and resolved the issue quickly. The pricing was good and everyone was friendly and professional."


Truckee, CA