Prevent Costly Repairs with Regular Maintenance

by | Dec 9, 2014 | Tahoe Plumbing and Heating Services, Truckee, CA Plumbing and Heating

Truckee Heating and Plumbing Maintenance: The Key to Avoiding Costly Repair

Winter is no longer on its way, it’s here. Its cold fronts and snow storms have already made themselves very well known in Lake Tahoe and Truckee, and within just a few weeks the slopes will be buzzing with boarders and skiers enjoying nature’s winter gifts.

Winter can be the most wonderful time of the year; but, without year-round maintenance, the winter months can turn your home into a holiday hazard.

Boilers and Water Heaters

While you may not think about where your heat and hot water is coming from when it’s working correctly, you’ll notice the moment it stops. Unfortunately, time after time we have to replace these parts of your heating and plumbing system because they simply aren’t taken care of over time.

An annual maintenance trip compared to the cost of replacing your entire boiler is much, much more affordable (trust us). You and your wallet will thank us.

Frozen Pipes

Check out last week’s post on the dangers and damages that incorrectly insulated pipes can cause when they freeze and burst. It’s expensive, it’s wet and it’s the last thing you want ruining your home this winter.

General Plumbing

While your pipes might not be frozen, you can easily experience a wide variety of other plumbing problems that can cause leaks, bursts and other inconveniences. Freezing temperatures can make water damage repair even more difficult than usual, and we highly doubt you’re trying to turn your basement into an ice rink … even if it does make the kids happy.

So, take advantage of Truckee heating and plumbing maintenance offered by InMotion to keep your home running smoothly this winter (and every other season for that matter). Call InMotion today for your heating a plumbing maintenance consultation today.