How does a home boiler work? Does my boiler heat my hot water and my house? What IS a boiler? My hot water is out, is it my boiler? Does InMotion offer services for boiler repair in Truckee, CA? These are the types of questions we sometimes hear on first calls from clients. And, with every one of them, we are happy to help educate our clients on the workings of their heating and hot water systems. Boilers are somewhat straightforward pieces of machinery, but without routine maintenance and checkups, they can become quite finicky and stop providing your home with heat and hot water at the most unfortunate times.

Simply put, a boiler is a main heating device for hot water and heat in most household. The boiler heats water for use throughout the house (think showers, the dishwasher, sinks, etc.) The boiler also is used in most central heating systems. Furthermore, should your home have a radiant heat system, a boiler is where all of the water is heated before it’s distributed through all of the thousands of feet of pipe running through your flooring, driveway and walls.

Household boilers are under a lot of pressure, especially in the winter. Without your boiler, you wouldn’t be able to stay warm or have hot water without resorting to primitive means. Because of the major responsibility of the boiler, we suggest our clients get in the habit of having us come out for annual boiler maintenance. These machines work throughout the year to provide you and your family with hot water, and they undergo a substantial amount of wear and tear. While modern boilers are built to last for a number of years, they still require a thorough inspection every year to ensure they are going to perform efficiently even when pushed to the max (typically through the cold winter months when homes keep their heating on and use more hot water).

The team of pros at InMotion Boiler Repair in Truckee, CA is experienced in providing customers with routine boiler maintenance. We have seen all the boiler types from the various major manufactures and we have the knowledge to inspect them for any issues that may cause problems in the future. From running routine checks to assessing your boiler’s performance to removing any unwanted air to performing a deep cleaning on all the major components, InMotion knows how to leave you with the peace of mind of knowing your boiler will keep you, your family and your guests warm and with hot water–year-round.